Youth in Action: NSD celebrates Global Youth Day

The central theme of this year’s Global Youth Day.

On March 16, 2024, the Northern Asia-Pacific Division celebrated Global Youth Day (GYD). With the support of the GC Administration, the 13 Division youth directors, the MENA Union, and the Israel field launched “Global Youth Day” (GYD) on March 13, 2013. The vision of GYD is to recapture the reality of Adventist youth as a global movement mobilized for service, contributing to the proclamation of the everlasting gospel and ushering in the second coming of Jesus Christ. In the NSD, many churches participated in this special Sabbath. The theme of this year was “Show up in the cities.”

In Korea, the South-west Korean Conference participated in GYD through the Academy Missionary Movement. Students visited Davao, Philippines, operated evangelistic meetings, led Bible studies, did face painting, taught Korean culture handcrafts, and made Korean food, among other activities. After the service, four individuals decided to be baptized and become children of Jesus.

The South-east Korean Conference, with 18 participants, went to Turkiye. Participants visited elementary schools and taught students Korean and arts and crafts. They also distributed supplies such as food, water, and bedding to those who lost their houses in an earthquake.

The participants embark on a mission of compassion and service as they visit Turkiye.

At the West-central Korean Conference, Paju International Church members participated in the GYD through food distribution. They have provided food and support to those in need for over ten years. Instead of delivering food on-site, they prepared pre-packed food.

In the Middle-West Korean Conference, New Cheonan Church students visited Sammin Church in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Members began their mission service activities with a prayer meeting. They then performed traditional Korean games, organized mini Olympics, conducted handcraft sessions, offered Korean food experiences, and showcased Hanbok.

Students unite and form a heart shape to celebrate the spirit of Global Youth Day.

In Mongolia, the Tusgal School and youth department of the Mongolia Mission helped needy families. They visited cities where people needed help and food supplies. One Mongolian participant expressed her experience: “We did good deeds and helped many people. It was freezing, but it was inspiring that the people were friendly and kind.”

More detailed activities that happened in the NSD can be watched at the link below: