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NSD Ministerial Spouses Association

The Ministerial Spouses Association of the Northern-Asia Pacific Division is committed to Encourage, Inspire & Equip Pastor’s Wives for a Life of Faith and Service.


No group provides more volunteer work for the Seventh-day Adventist denomination around the world than pastoral spouses. Although their service is often unrecognized, the church could never replace the dedicated service of pastoral spouses, most of whom are women. Both Scripture and the Spirit of Prophecy emphasize the co-ministering role of pastoral spouses, and the church must appropriately nurture this group of paraprofessionals who serve in ministry alongside their spouses.

The Ministerial Spouses Association Coordinator’s first and most important work is to be spiritually alive in Jesus and to experience personal revival and reformation in Him. Next, we are to be mentors and examples, helping all those we work with to have that same living experience with our Lord. This is the basis for all effective ministry to our families, churches, and communities.


The goals for the Ministerial Spouses Association include but are not limited to the following:

  • To promote and provide opportunities for spiritual growth at chapter meetings, workers’ meetings, and special retreats for pastoral spouses.
  • To create an awareness of the need for local Ministerial Spouses Association to provide support for the spouses of ministers.
  • To help ministers’ spouses understand their role and to recognize their unique spiritual gifts.
  • To train pastoral spouses as paraprofessionals in ministry.
  • To provide fellowship and support.
  • To encourage the ministerial family to spend time together.

Spiritual Growth and Active Discipleship

The NSD Ministerial Spouses’ Association has developed a Discipleship series that focuses on growing in a personal relationship with Jesus and being an effective witness for Him.

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