Adventist Possibility Ministries

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Adventist Possibility Ministries Statement

Adventist Possibility Ministries seeks to bring wholeness to all in a world that is broken. A sense of “wholeness” is not dependent on the elimination of one’s special need but is a rediscovery of a person’s completeness in God. This ministry has a unique opportunity of not only proclaiming, but also emphasizing the value and dignity of each person. The Church is not only known by what it says, but also by what it does. Therefore, this ministry exists to coordinate and promote acceptance, support, and inclusion of people who have special needs and those who care for them. This global ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church encompasses ministry for and with those with different abilities such as the Deaf, blind, orphans, and those with mental health, and mobility challenges. It also seeks to provide support for caregivers of those with special needs and bereavement for spousal loss. At the heart of this ministry is the conviction that all have something to contribute and by contributing they have entered the journey toward wholeness.

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