Hishands Mission Movement

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Ministry Description

His Hands Mission Movement (HHMM) was designed to support homeland mission and evangelism.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church has a special mission to complete the gospel work in the entire world in these last days. The special messages entrusted to this church are described in Revelation 14: 6-12, and those conveying these messages to the people are named the “Three Angels” (Letter 79, 1900). Our responsibility is to share the Three Angels’ messages to every nation, tribe, tongue and people in the world.

The HHMM was approved at the NSD Midyear Committee in Macau in May 2007, and it was launched in April 2008. Since then more than 2,500 people have joined the HHMM in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Mongolia. Our initial goal is to reach 3,000. The volunteers dedicate a minimum of 10 hours a month in face-to-face outreach and evangelism. They go out in pairs to seek souls. Ellen White emphasized the importance of this sort of witnessing program:
“Calling the twelve about Him, Jesus bade them to go out two and two through the towns and villages. None were sent forth alone, but brother was associated with brother, friend with friend. Thus they could help and encourage each other, counseling and praying together, each one’s strength supplementing the other’s weakness…In our own time evangelistic work would be far more successful if this example were more closely followed” (DA350)

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