Main staff

  • Treasurer

  • Undertreasurer

  • Associate treasurer

Support Staff

  • Chief Accountant

  • Accountant – PMM/ISE

  • Accountant – Payroll

  • Office Automation & IT

Ministry or Dept. Description

The Treasury Department

  1. provides administrative and financial leadership to the Northern Asia-Pacific Division,
  2. serves as a trustee and a steward of the funds it receives,
  3. provides the necessary policy and administrative coordination of the Union Conferences and Institutions through a Senior Financial Consultative Group composed of Union Treasurers and other Chief Financial Officers,
  4. administers changes to the Working Policy,
  5. develops and monitors the operating budget for the Northern Asia-Pacific Division, which includes the NSD departments and services, as well as NSD Programs, Reversions and Allocations, and
  6. serves as liaison with the General Conference and other world divisions.
  • Telephone : 031) 910.1500
  • FAX : 031) 919.4412
  • E-mail