Women in Bangladesh Celebrate International Women's Day of Prayer

On March 2, 2024, a significant event unfolded across the Northern-Asia Pacific Division (NSD) territory as women from Seventh-day Adventist churches came together to commemorate the International Women’s Day of Prayer. Their sincere and compassionate prayers were lifted for one another, their churches, wider communities, and the local neighborhoods. This year’s theme, “Ignited by Prayer,” inspired church members to engage deeply in prayer, foster fellowship, and explore a deeper relationship with God.

The Women’s Ministries of Dhaka Church celebrate the special day.

In the Bangladesh Union Mission (BAUM) territory, a special call to action resonated, urging not only women but all church members to embrace communal prayer’s power and joy. This encouragement sparked a series of inspiring activities designed to enrich this special Sabbath day.

The Women’s Ministries directors from the four missions within BAUM underscored the importance of maintaining a deep and meaningful relationship with God. They motivated women to prioritize God in their lives and to recognize the power of steadfast faith.

The women in Thandaziri Church also celebrate the special day.

Guided by the dedicated WM local leaders, the churches in Bangladesh were alive with spiritual activities tailored for this significant day. These ranged from prayer walks, prayer breakfasts, and vigils to a whole Sabbath dedicated to prayer sessions, enriching the spiritual fabric of the community. The paramount goal was unity in prayer, bringing together all hearts and minds in a shared divine communion.

This heartfelt gathering on the International Women’s Day of Prayer in the NSD territory profoundly affirmed faith and fellowship. It demonstrated the unifying power of prayer and the deepened connections with God fostered by collective worship and reflection.