WAD's Memorable Visit to the Northern Asia-Pacific Division

From March 14-21, 2024, the West-Central Africa Division (WAD) visited the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD) for a time of missionary interaction and cultural experiences in Korea. A total of 51 individuals including the president of the West-Central Africa Division, union presidents, department directors, and officers set foot on Korean soil. They participated in the 10/40 Mission Congress held in SahmYook University, listened to the word of God, missionaries’ reports, and engaged in praise and prayer. Through this, they experienced the challenges faced by the 10/40 Window region and witnessed God’s workings, awakening a renewed sense of missionary spirit. Additionally, during their visit, they also participated in the Northern Asia-Pacific Division’s Week of Prayer, listened to sermons, and spent time in prayer meetings

Members of WAD capture a group photo in front of the observatory.

On the 19th (Tue) and 20th (Wed), they explored major tourist attractions in Korea. On the 19th, under the guidance of the North Korea Mission Department, they visited the Odusan Unification Observatory to understand the reality of national division and observed North Korean territory from afar. They also had meaningful moments of prayer in small groups for the churches in North Korea, the defectors, and the North Korean people. The following day, they visited Gyeongbokgung Palace, Insadong, and Myeongdong, enjoying Korea’s traditional culture and various sights. Despite the cold weather due to the late spring cold snap, they showed their willingness to follow the given schedule.

Members of WAD enjoy their time at Gyeongbokgung Palace and experience Korean culture.

Robert Osei-Bonsu, the president of the West-Central Africa Division, started with, “I am glad to visit Korea,” and expressed his gratitude, saying, “Thanks to the warm hospitality and well-planned schedule of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division, we spent a pleasant and meaningful time.” Furthermore, Lee, JuEun, a Northern Asia-Pacific Division staff member who guided and led the West-Central Africa Division’s tour, said, “I remember them smiling broadly, saying ‘Your country is truly beautiful,’ despite the cold weather that has yet to leave.” She added, “Although it was a short time for interaction, it became more meaningful as we shared our cultures and life stories, allowing us to pray more specifically for each other.”