KUC Digital Evangelism Department Officially Appoints The 3rd batch of 63 Digital Missionaries

“Enriching the Digital World with the Gospel!”… Enhancing Online Ministry

In a commissioning service, the Korea Union Conference Digital Evangelism Department officially appointed 63 digital missionaries for the third term.

Digital missionaries are called to share the gospel online and are ready for their ministry in the cyber world.

On Janurary 13, the Korea Union Conference Digital Evangelism Department, led by Director Lee SangYong, appointed 63 digital missionaries for the third term.

The third batch missionaries, chosen in November of the preceding year, underwent a six-week training program. This training included e-learning sessions that covered key aspects such as the doctrines, history, identity, and fundamental messages of the Adventist Church. Moreover, every Sabbath afternoon, they participated in real-time video conferencing to delve into practical topics. These topics included using digital technology for missions, content sharing, and evangelism methods at the Bible Correspondence School.

63 digital missionaries participates the missionary dispatching ceremony through online

Pastor Kang SoonGi, the President of the Korea Union Conference, cited Isaiah 60 in his commissioning sermon. He urged digital missionaries to embrace the vital mission of radiating God’s light and glory worldwide. “I trust they will fulfill their role as vigilant sentinels, spreading light into the dark corners of our world,” he stated.

He added, “As God’s light spreads worldwide, individuals will naturally be drawn to that illumination. This will lead to positive global transformations, enabling those touched by God’s glory to stand as beacons in the darkness, overcoming the adversary’s attacks.”

Pastor Kim YoHan, President of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division, expressed gratitude to those who answered the divine call and were selected for this mission. “I sincerely hope that they carry out their mission with a deep understanding of the importance and necessity of digital evangelism in our constantly evolving world, adopting innovative methods suitable for this era,” he emphasized.

KUC President Kang SoonGi delivers distpatching sermon to the participants

Pastor Lee SangYong highlighted the significant mission of the third-term digital missionaries in spreading the Adventist Church’s message across the evolving digital landscape. He outlined the vision for missionary activities on various digital platforms, including online spaces, social media, messaging apps, and YouTube channels.

Missionary Ahn JangBok shared his motivation and commitment: “While testifying about Jesus was challenging in the past, digital evangelism offer an easier and more effective way to preach. I am eager to share the message of Christ with more people through this journey.”

Missionary Kim HaengSu added, “Guided by the Holy Spirit, my educational journey has eased the burden of missions. I am committed to proclaiming and witnessing God’s word wholeheartedly.”

The Korea Union Conference and the Northern Asia-Pacific Division are optimistic about the future and potential of digital evangelism following this commissioning service. Digital missionaries’ work is anticipated to highlight the Adventist Church’s presence in the online realm and act as a catalyst for more effective dissemination of the gospel.

Acknowledging the pivotal role of online media in gospel dissemination, the initiative for digital evangelism was intensified in January 2021. 

Since the launch of the first group of digital missionaries in 2021, there have been over 180 digital missionaries, including third batch missionaries, spreading the gospel in the digital space.