‘The Great Controversy Project’ Gathers Missionary Contributions to Distribute Nearly 300,000 books

Korean Union Conference Provides Funding of 200 Million KRW … Over 284,200 Units in Total

The Great Controversy Project 2.0′ Campaign Gathers Missionary Contributions to Distribute 300,000 Book amid Enthusiasm.

During a recent administrative committee meeting held on the 31st of last month, the Korean Union Conference (KUC) announced that they had received over 284,200 oblation nationwide. They expressed gratitude for the active participation of churches, organizations, and church members.

To reciprocate this enthusiasm, the Korean Union Conference (KUC) provided approximately 200million KRW(15million USD) in funding. In response to this enthusiasm, they also organized an “Impact Day” campaign in response to this enthusiasm, dedicating their full efforts to book distribution.

Since April 15th, ‘The Great Controversy Project 2.0′ campaign has garnered continued interest and support, surpassing its initial goals of 100,000 within two weeks.

Amidst the “The Great Controversy Project” approaching nearly 300,000 volumes, staffs of the Korea Union Conference are taking to the streets with an “Impact Day” campaign.

Korean Union Conference Staff Organize ‘Impact Day’ Campaign

In addition, the staff members of the KUC, including Pastor Soon-gi Kang, the president of the association, organized ‘Impact Day’ campaign on the same day, starting from 3:30 p.m. The staffs distributed specially produced booklets version of “the Great Controversy” in designated areas assigned to each department. Working in groups, they presented the “Word of Life” to passersby and shops in high foot traffic areas such as Hoegi Station, Cheongnyangni Station and Kyung Hee University, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies etc. The members all gathered and chanted the slogan ‘I WILL GO’ before they go, and prayed for the neighbors who receives these booklets to respond to the invitation of eternity.

The Korean Union Conference explained that “Impact Day aims to deliver the final message to the community in this time of crisis, and to save the people living without hope.” They encouraged every single church members to actively participate in the activity on the upcoming Sabbath day(June 3rd).

The full-scale expansion of ‘the Great Controversy Project 2.0 campaign’, which has gained momentum, is part of the global action plan to be implemented by the General Conference until next year. Unlike the previous ‘Project 1.0,’ it has diversified into the form of digital books. The global church anticipates that this will serve as a catalyst for regaining momentum as a missionary that has been hindered by the COVID-19 pandemic.