The Global Children’s Day 2024 celebrated in Nepal

Himalayan Section in Nepal celebrates the Global Children’s Day.

The Himalayan Section of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Nepal recently celebrated Global Children’s Day 2024 across various churches with a series of programs aimed at providing children with a safe and conducive environment to explore their inner abilities. The event, which concluded on March 16, 2024, carried the theme “A Light in the City,” highlighting the importance of empowering children to contribute positively to their society and country.

The children graciously share and distribute food.

To mark the occasion, the Himalayan Section conducted a Children’s Week of Prayers virtually from March 10-15, during which children from various churches actively participated. The week of prayers aimed to instill a sense of community and inclusiveness among children, regardless of their religious backgrounds.

Throughout the week, children from different churches engaged in various services under the leadership of children’s coordinators. These services included cleaning the surrounding villages and cities, visiting sick people, and providing food to the poor.

The children clean the surrounding villages and cities.

On Sabbath, March 16, the children took center stage and led the entire church program, showcasing their talents and contributions to the community. The event was a great success and is a testament to the commitment of the Himalayan Section of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Nepal to empower children and promote inclusiveness and kindness throughout their communities.