The First 10/40 Global Mission Congress Begins

On March 14, 2024, the first 10/40 Global Mission Congress was held at SahmYook University Church. Korean Union Conference hosted this meeting under the theme “From the End of the World to the Ends of the Earth.” The event featured guest speakers from the General Conference and included a mini music concert. Attendees included people from the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD) and Korean Union Conference (KUC), directors and pastors, theology students and professors, among others, all gathered to hear the messages.

Erton Köhler, the secretary of the General Conference, delivered a message titled ‘The Five Certainties of Mission.’ He highlighted five certainties: 1. A special call for Seventh-day Adventists. 2. Mission as the last signal. 3. The mission being global and local (glocal). 4. The certainty that the mission will be accomplished. 5. The miraculous nature of the mission.

Erton Köhler delivers the message about ‘The Five Certainties of Mission.’

Kim, SunHwan, director of the NSD Adventist Mission department, introduced the “Ramadan Intercessory Prayer” initiative and appealed for the attention and participation of many believers. He stated, “God has called us to be intercessors. The Northern Asia-Pacific Division and the Korean Union Conference have been given a tremendous mission: the ’10/40 Window Evangelism.’

Kim, SunHwan introduces the ‘Ramadan Intercessory Prayer.’

Gary Krause, director of GC Adventist Mission, proclaimed the message ‘Why We Need Mission Refocus.’ He claimed, “God told us that our vision and our focus is ‘too small a thing’ (Isaiah 49:6). He wants to expand our mission vision and open up a new focus for our attention.”

Gary Krause proclaims the ‘Mission Refocus.’

Kleyton Feitosa, director of the Global Mission Center, delivered the message titled ‘10/40 Window, the Greatest Challenge of Christianity.’ He preached, “When God looks at the 10/40 Window, He doesn’t see a challenge but a harvest. The challenge is that the laborers are few while the harvest is plentiful. So, let us pray for missionary work for God.”

Kleyton Feitosa preaches the 10/40 Window as a greatest challenge of Christianity.

This Global Mission Congress will continue until March 16, 2024, featuring testimonies from 10/40 missionaries, a dedication worship service, musical concerts, and more programs.