The commemoration of the 120th anniversary of missions this year:

Reviving Missionary Momentum… Envisioning the Creation of an Online Metaverse

The Korean Union Conference aims to harness this milestone as a catalyst for rejuvenating missionary efforts.

A diverse range of activities commemorating 120 years of missions in Korea is scheduled for this year. Since its establishment in December 2021, the Korean Union Conference has been diligently preparing for these events.

Themes, slogans, logos, and other symbols that garnered interest were selected through submissions from church members nationwide. Under the theme of ‘Arise and Shine’ (Isaiah 60:1). The confirmed slogan reads, ‘To Glorify God, Extend Love to Neighbors, and Proclaim Truth.’ A finalized logo encapsulates 120 years, the essence of the Bible, the Three Angels’ Messages, and an image symbolizes the Taegeuk mark.

Within the commemorative event and its initiatives, the core focus revolves around gratitude, honor, reigniting missions (Mission Again), and preparing for the future. Externally, the objectives revolve around amplifying influence (impact) and elevating the image of the Adventist Church. Despite a smaller scale compared to the previous 100th-anniversary event, the emphasis remains on depth and substance.

The commemorative ceremony is envisioned as a vibrant and inclusive congregation gathering within the denomination. Taking place from November 8th (Friday) to the 10th (Sunday) at Sahmyook University’s campus, it aims to connect the physical venue with local churches through a hybrid format, ensuring the active participation of churches and believers nationwide. A central focus will be on reaffirming the significance of the Sabbath. Friday evening will showcase a musical performance, reflecting on the illustrious 120-year history, glorifying God, and expressing gratitude. A Thanksgiving service and a commemorative ceremony are planned for Sabbath. Sunday will offer diverse booths for interactive engagement, concluding the week with a special evening music concert.

To broaden external influence, they are contemplating projects engaging the wider society, such as a walkathon, inviting community members to join the celebrations. Additionally, they aspire to expand social connections by inviting diverse personalities.

In executing these initiatives, apart from the commemorative event preparation committee, specialized subcommittees, including the ‘Commemorative Project Committee,’ ‘Mission History and Faith Heritage Committee,’ ‘Mission Committee,’ ‘Future Preparation Committee,’ and ‘Influence Expansion Project Committee,’ have been formed to drive practical tasks.

Particularly noteworthy is the plan to create a ‘Mission 120th Anniversary History Museum’ within a metaverse. This museum aims to provide a comprehensive view of the Korean Adventist missions’ history, aiming to overcome the limitations of post-COVID-19 non-face-to-face activities, fostering effective communication.

Individuals involved in this initiative are currently gathering and organizing various materials—photos, illustrations, publications, videos, and more. The goal is to transform these activities into a participatory movement, involving a wide range of churches across different generations and regions, moving beyond the scope of just the union or specific entities.

Above all, the 120th anniversary of missions aims to reignite the frontline evangelistic fervor that waned during the pandemic, serving as a pivotal moment for missions within and beyond the denomination. The plan embodies a steadfast resolve to synchronize the central initiative ‘I Will Go’ with the objective of ‘Mission Refocus,’ aligning them to activate the missionary calling effectively. Moreover, influential endeavors such as volunteer activities and campaigns aim to cultivate a fresh, positive image of the Adventist Church within local communities and among neighbors. This commemoration isn’t solely a celebration; it’s seen as an opportunity to significantly amplify the Adventist Church’s influence across Korean society.

Additionally, it emphasizes the importance of numerical significance in project planning across diverse institutional tiers. Notably, Sahmyook Foods has already inaugurated its community facility as the ‘Korean Mission 120th Anniversary Museum,’ marking the commencement of its operations.

■ Declaration for the 120th Anniversary of Korean Missions

As we commemorate the 120th anniversary of the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s missions in Korea, we express gratitude and reverence for God’s guidance thus far. We reassert our dedication to shaping the future generations’ identity, fostering revival and reform, and enhancing the Korean Church’s global mission role. Aligned with the pledge ‘I WILL GO,’ we renew our commitment to spread the timeless gospel to the remotest corners of the earth, laying the foundation for souls’ salvation and the church’s expansion. Committed to advancing the initiatives for the 120th anniversary of missions, we aim to proclaim the eternal gospel and fulfill our divine calling.