The 2023 NSD Yearend Meeting

The 2023 NSD YearEnd Meeting took place over six days from November 2 to 6.

Before starting the first day of the meeting, we had a wonderful morning devotional with Pastor Arthur Stele (Vice President of the General Conference). After morning worship, an essential and refreshing opening ceremony, known as ‘Mission Refocus,’ marked the beginning of the proceedings. This ‘Mission Refocus’ was very important because it allowed us to warmly welcome and recognize the four newly joined countries. Additionally, it was a touching moment to pay tribute to the esteemed late Pr. Valentine II, who played a significant role as the chair of the Asia-Pacific Territorial Review Survey Committee.

President Kim YoHan, leading NSD, established a connection between the answered prayer of Jabez and the perceived response of God to NSD, expressing unwavering anticipation for the guidance and support of God in all forthcoming missions. His warm welcome extended to the four new countries (Bangladesh Union Mission, Nepal: Himalayan Section, Pakistan Union Section, Sri Lanka Mission of Seventh Day Adventists) resonated with hope and enthusiasm.