Taiwan Simutaenous Evangelistic Meeting(1)

From July 3-8, the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD) Adventist Mission Department is hosting simultaneous evangelistic series at 21 churches in the Taipei, Taitung, Taichong and Kaohsiung areas of Taiwan. Leaders from NSD and the Korean Union Conference (KUC) will serve as speakers and come together for the mission in Taiwan. Additionally, service teams and evangelistic teams from various institutions, churches, and organizations, including Sahmyook University, will lead the simultaneous evangelistic series.

The purpose of organizing these simultaneous evangelistic series by NSD is to revive the Seventh-day Adventist mission in Taiwan, which has been declining over the past three years due to the impact of the Covid-19. NSD hopes that the members will approach the mission with a renewed spirit.

Kim SunHwan, director of the Adventist Mission, explained the uniqueness of this event, stating, “In Taiwan, the church is divided into flatland churches and indigenous churches, and more than two-thirds of the churches participating in this simultaneous evangelism are flatland churches (including PMM churches). However, several large indigenous churches were not excluded. The church aims to foster unity among the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Taiwan through this simultaneous evangelism and desires for the church to witness the work of the Holy Spirit firsthand.”

One of the churches involved in the evangelistic series is Luzhu Church, led by Pastor Kim SeDam of the PMM 19th batch, which is a pioneering church in Taoyuan with approximately 20 members. The Gwangju Bitgoeul Church of the Southwest Korean Conference sent a Mission team of seven youth members to Luzhu Church for this evangelistic meeting, and they will assist in conducting evangelism among local children and parents. The church itself raised 6 million won in mission funds for this evangelism effort and donated it to Luzhu Church.

Pastor Kim SeDam(Pmm 19th) expressed gratitude to God for sending the youth members from Gwangju Bitgoeul Church and for the raised mission funds, as they had encountered challenges in finding a missionary team for the event. He also extended his appreciation to Gwangju Bitgoeul Church.

Jung JinAn(SWKC Pastor), the leader of the mission team, expressed his joy in being able to go to the mission field with the youth to pray and share the message of Jesus. He expressed hope that individuals would encounter Jesus during this time and that the young people involved in the mission would be grateful to God.

Written by Reporter IHW