Taiwan Conference Shepherdess Retreat

After finishing Sabbath morning worship and potluck, the Shepherdesses of the Taiwan conference left for a retreat hosted by the Douliu Church. They traveled by train through the beautiful countryside. As they arrived there were joyous greetings and embraces.

For the afternoon, they went to ‘Gukeng green tunnel’ to take a walk, to experience the local folk customs. Later they had a delicious supper prepared by Mrs. Shen. For the evening meeting the ladies began with some fun ice-breaking activities. They divided into groups where there was much joy, laughing and sharing. At the evening devotional time, Sister Wenling lead in a discussion from the book “Revived by His Word.”

On Sunday each lady took a box lunch and they all went to Jan Fu Sun Fancy World. It seemed the activities of the day took them back to their childhood. They had such a good time. The devotional time that evening was from the same book. They prayed through the Lord’s Prayer together. For supper they all received gifts and sang songs.

For the third day, there was a very special breakfast. After worship the activity was making homemade essential soap. Paula Kuo, TWC Shepherdess International Coordinator said, “It was such happy time. We were able to remember that we have friends in ministry.” As the ladies left to return home, one of the shepherdesses agreed, “We are all so thankful for all the work that Guo and her two sisters did for us. We thank God that through their efforts we were energized and can face challenges in the future.”

News article by Paula Kuo