Taipei Adventist Preparatory Academy Reaches out

One of the missions of Taipei Adventist Preparatory Academy (TAPA) is to care for others. In Proverbs 3: 27 “Do not withhold goof from those who need it, when you have the ability to help.”  TAPA encourages students to step out of the school, use their knowledge and ability to help the needy. We are not purely talking about the vulnerable, but also all the one who have needs, even the earth that we have living on. TAPA hopes that with our small services, we could be vessel of God, let people be blessed from God through us and they come to realize that life is good.

11th March this year, TAPA received an award in serving the community from the Prudential Youth Foundation, 44 students received individual awards as well.

For students who attend TAPA, school life is full of work and pressure, especially the biggest change for the students is a pure English environment, plus their exam (SAT, TOFEL, AP Exam…) but most of them are willing to spend their precious time after class, weekend, or even winter holiday to share love and care with others.

Every Wednesday, TAPA opens its campus to the orphan, single parent or vulnerable students to come for tutorial as we specifically work with one primary school. These children finish their homework with the elder sisters and brothers from TAPA, then, they play together, and eat with our home made dinner before heading home. This project has 14 students volunteer regularly.

This year 30 students and teachers from TAPA participated the ORBIS walkathon as the cheerleader. Our job was to encourage the athletes to finish their 8km walks at night.
People impresses and loved our creative idea in cheering them up.

When there is a long holiday, TAPA plans to help churches which are a bit far. Every church has different need, and our brothers and sisters there are always very encouraging and appreciative that we always return back to Taipei fruitfully. This Thanksgiving and New Year Holiday we went to “OOO” church to renovate the walls and did some painting for them. We also joined the elder, to sing and make some handmade art, it was such an unforgettable experience.

News article by TAPA staff