SUD President Visits NSD, KUC

Pastor John Rathinaraj, President of the Southern Asia Division (SUD) which is the second largest division in terms of population arrived at NSD, accompanied by Pastor Mukunda Narashimhaia on July 11, 2011.

Pastor Rathinaraj has been interested in various and dynamic mission activities in the NSD, so he came to look at some of the successful mission projects of the NSD including the 1000MM, PMM, and HHMM and also visited KUC and its institutions.

Dr Jairyong Lee, NSD President, welcomed the guests, saying “as NSD includes China, the most challenging field in terms of gospel work, SUD has India. When these two Divisions work together by sharing experiences and exchanging information, global evangelism work will be hastened.


They visited NSD headquarters, KUC headquarters, the Korean Publishing House, Seoul Sahmyook Elementary School, Seoul Adventist Hospital, Sahmyook Language School, the Adventist Training Center, and Sahmyook Foods during their stay at NSD.