Sri Lanka Mission Organizes Impactful Evangelism and Ministry Event in Kottagala

From March 2 to 30, 2024, the Sri Lanka Mission hosted a significant evangelism and ministry event in Kottagala, drawing about 70 adults and 100 children. The event occurred each evening from 6:30 to 8:00 pm, focusing on evangelism, family ministry, children’s ministry, and stewardship.

This year’s program was especially poignant following the recent political turmoil in the region. Participants sought solace and stability, and the event catered to these needs by emphasizing hope in Christ, family stability, and financial management. Key speeches by Edwin Emerson, Executive Secretary of the Sri Lanka mission, underscored these themes, resonating deeply with the audience. Alice Emerson, Children’s Ministries Director, shared the gospel with the children.

Edwin Emerson prays a blessing over the children.

The program included various activities designed to educate and evangelize the community. Each session featured songs, prayers, and presentations on educational topics, providing a holistic approach to community upliftment. This year’s notable addition was the initiative to feed the poor and hungry, adding a practical service component to the event’s spiritual focus.

Participants responded enthusiastically to the program, with many wanting personal prayers. This reflected the community’s engagement and the event’s emotional impact. The feedback highlighted a widespread appreciation for the thoughtful integration of spiritual guidance and practical help.

The children also participate in evangelism and listen to the gospel.

Looking forward, the Sri Lanka Mission anticipates that the seeds sown during these sessions will lead to substantial spiritual growth within the community. Seven people got baptisms and many others enrolled for Bible studies.

Seven people receive baptism and become children of the Lord.

This event addressed the immediate spiritual and physical needs of the Kottagala community and laid the foundation for ongoing spiritual renewal and community development. The Sri Lanka Mission is unwavering in its commitment to outreach and support and is already planning to build on this success in future engagements.