Sahmyook University Church Holds a Seminar on the Adventist Church’s Standpoint on Salvation

On Oct. 12-15, 2022, Sahmyook University Church held a theology seminar under the theme of “The Adventist Church’s Standpoint on Salvation: Perfectionism, Grace of God, and Investigative Judgment.”

Dr. Darius Jankiewicz, a former professor of systematic theology at Andrews Theological Seminary and ministerial secretary of the South Pacific Division, was the lecturer. As a theologian with sophisticated theological insight into soteriology, he provided a comprehensive understanding of Adventist soteriology through the four-day seminar. The seminar topics included: “The Problem of Christian Perfection,” “God’s Grace,” “How Can We Increase Our Spiritual Temperature?” “Repository of God’s Grace,” and “Theological Necessity of the Investigative Judgment.”

Pastor Kim EunBae, a senior pastor at the Sahmyook University Church and a theology professor at Sahmyook University, explained why the church held this seminar: “By shedding light on the Adventist Church’s understanding on gospel through the Bible and the history of Christianity, we tried to present our standpoint on such subjects as salvation, justification, sanctification, perfection, and the investigational judgment. It served as an opportunity to reflect once again on the meaning of the gospel that the Adventist Church believes in.”