Returning of the 4th Batch of PCM Missionaries and Dispatching of the 5th Batch

On February 11, 2023, the Youth Ministries Department of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (Director HoYung Choi) held a commencement ceremony of the 4th Batch of PCM missionaries and a dispatchment service for the 5th Batch missionaries at the auditorium of the North Asia Pacific Division. The meeting was attended by Kim Yo-han, president of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division, Jacob Ko, director of Health Ministries, and Raquel Arrais, director of Women’s and Children’s Ministries Department. Korean Union Conference youth director Kim Hyun-tae and associate youth director Kim Hyung-joon, along with 50 other people, including local church pastors and the families and friends of the missionaries were present to encourage the missionaries.

Pastor Ho-Young Choi, director of the Youth Ministries Department of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division mentioned in his welcome address, “Today is a historic day. This is because the 5th batch of PCM missionaries are being dispatched, and for the first time, a separate dispatching ceremony is held for them. Also, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were not able to hold a commencement ceremony, but we are witnessing one today. I am very happy and grateful to God for having the dispatching ceremony and the return meeting at the same time.”

Dr. Jacob Ko, director of the Health Ministries Department of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division expressed his gratitude in these words: “I hope you remember that you never failed to share God’s love. I would like to thank the PCM missionaries who have devoted themselves to Taiwan.”

Afterwards, there was a report given from the 4th batch PCM missionaries, who dedicated their past year for service. Through the report, Missionary Ji-Hyun Lee said, “I couldn’t find my peace of mind with the goal I have set as a missionary. I didn’t like the situation I was placed in. I blamed God and complained a lot. But God prepared many things for me. I got to learn more about my God when everything I complained about turned into an irreproachable grace. There were also many answered prayers from Taiwan. Among them, the most memorable answered prayer was the gift of a foreign language. Once, there was a situation where I had to translate at an evangelistic meeting. In a situation where I was not good at Chinese, I prayed for God to give me a gift of language. Contrary to what I was worried about, whether it was a response to prayer, the translation went well. Although it was not perfect Chinese, I was able to talk to the locals who attended the meeting. I was even praised for being very good at Chinese. I am very grateful to God for responding to my prayers.”

At a time when conveying messages to the 5th batch missionaries, 4th batch missionary Seong-Min Jang and Yeon-Jeong Lee read their messages. Missionary Jang mentioned, “But the LORD said to me, “Do not say, ‘I am only a youth’; for to all to whom I send you, you shall go, and whatever I command you, you shall speak.” Just like this message, Jesus will accompany all the 5th batch missionaries, wherever they will go. I wish you can love, weep, and enjoy as much as you can for the next year.”

Missionary Lee mentioned, “I wish you can stay health, spend this year without any regrets, and return back safely. It is my hope that you will experience the love of God and depend on Him through constant meditation of His Word.”

Pastor Yo-Han Kim, president of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division, strengthened those who returned through his sermon. He said, “You all have returned from doing a valuable work. God’s praise and award will be given to you. I hope that you all will continually be missionaries with the missionary spirit. If so, you can be blessed by inheriting the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world, as stated in Matthew 25:34.”

And to the 5th batch missionaries, who are to be dispatched to Taiwan, he counseled, “It seems that you have chosen this path of a missionary, but as stated in John 15:16, the Lord has chosen you. I wish you can live a life that begins and ends with prayer. If so, God will take care of everything for you.”

There was a special part of the program called “A Letter to Parents” and “A Letter to my Daughter.” 5th batch missionary Eun-Seo Choi and her father, Elder Hyung-Jin Choi were the center of this program. First, in her letter to her parents, missionary Eun-Seo Choi said, “If it were not for you dad, I would not get to know about the PCM and I would never become a missionary. You sent my application to the Division, and if I had declined it, I would never become a missionary. However, I have decided to become a missionary, and I have received adequate training. Throughout the training period, I was anxious if I could do well. While I was continuously praying for it, I started to have the assurance and certainty that it was definitely God’s will to send me as a missionary.”

In his letter to his daughter, Elder Hyung-Jin Choi said, “My dear Eun-Seo, I hope you remember that you were born through God’s grace, and you have grown up under His care. Whenever you encounter difficult moments, I hope that you will fall to your knees and pray. Just like in 2 Corinthians 4:18, it is important to do well in places where you can be seen, but I hope you do your best even in places where you cannot be seen. I will pray that God will always be with you and watch over you in your plans.” Was the heart of the father towards his daughter fully conveyed? As her father read his letter, tears fell from the eyes of missionary Eun-Seo Choi.

In the pinning ceremony afterwards, many leaders from different churches handed out the pins to the missionaries. While the pinning ceremony was carried on, Pastor Ho-Young Choi mentioned, “As you serve as a missionary, always have the missionary spirit within you along with this pin on your chests.”

The ceremony was concluded with a benediction offered by Raquel Arrais, director of Women’s and Children’s Ministries Department. Six PCM missionaries who were present at the dispatching ceremony will be dispatched to Taiwan, to serve as campus missionaries for a year. In order for the missionaries to finish their mission and return back safely, we ask for the prayers of the church members.