Pastor Yang Eui-Sik Named President of Mongolia Mission

“Mongolia is a special land for me spiritually” The Pr. Eui-sik Yang, currently an associate chaplain at Sahmyook High School in Korea, has been named the new president of the Mongolian Mission.

Following the appointment of Pastor Han SukHee as the Director of the 1000 Missionaries Training Center, Pr. Yang (Associate Pastor of Hankuk Sahmyook Highschool) was appointed as the new President of the Mongolia Mission.

Pr. Yang has deep ties to Mongolia. He began his ministry in Mongolia as the 15th 1000 Missionary and has since served as the Wuxi Church of China of the East Central Korean Conference, the Director of the 1000 Missionary Training Center in Peru, Associate Pastor of Gangnam Central Church, Coordinator of the Compass Training Center, Senior Pastor of Bayangher Church in Mongolia, and Director of the University Student Missionary Training Center in Mongolia.

In an interview with The Korean Adventist News, Yang said, “Mongolia is a special land for me spiritually. In 2000, I served as the first Korean Seventh-day Adventist missionary to Mongolia, the first mission field.

From that experience, I decided to give the rest of my life to God and began my life as a lifelong missionary.” “I served as a missionary in the Philippines, China, Peru, and then again in Mongolia until 2022,” Yang said, adding that the call to Mongolia is symbolic of the same call Jesus made to Peter three times.

“I will accept the command of Jesus, who asked for Peter’s life the third time he was called, as the mission given to me, and I will go forward with full trust and reliance on God to fulfill the final mission,” he said.