NSD President Kim YoHan Presents Business Proposals for 4 Countries' Expansion

Pastor Kim YoHan, the president of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division, shared plans for future work in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Nepal—four countries that have been approved for administrative and missionary initiatives.

During the Annual Council of the General Conference, Pastor Yohan Kim, the NSD’s president, presented his strategic plans for these countries through a video presentation.

Pr. Kim unveiled blueprints across four key agendas: healthcare, education, urban influence center, and digital mission.

The General Conference news network ANN reported, “Following the adjustment proposal from the annual administrative committee, President Yohan Kim of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division shared a comprehensive video report detailing the four key areas of focus in the extended jurisdiction.” The ANN also noted, “General Conference Executive committee members exchanged views on Kim’s presentation and the proposed agenda.”

“Healthcare will be a primary focus of the NSD’s efforts in the region,” continued ANN. “Efforts will be made to include all hospitals and clinics in a medical association to enhance institutional management.”

Several delegates, including Dr. Peter Landless, Director of Health and Evangelism for the General Conference, Dr. Cotton Lee, Pr. Lee President of the Pakistan Union, and Dr. Roger Caldema, President of the South Asia Division, emphasized the significance of health issues in the region. They highlighted the challenges faced by Karachi Adventist Hospital in Pakistan and Lakeside Adventist Hospital in Sri Lanka, noting that “both hospitals are now under the care of the Northern Asia Division.”

“We need to earnestly pray for these institutions,” stated Elder Ted Wilson, President of the General Conference. “It’s a very critical situation.” He added, “The Northern Asis-Pacific Division will work to stabilize and support them.”

“In the video report, NSD President Yohan Kim presented plans for the Bangladesh Urban Sensitivity Center, seeking the cooperation and prayers of the global church,” mentioned in the report. The $4 million project aims to erect a 10-story building covering 10,000 square meters, housing an international school, dental school, hospital, pharmacy, offices, and a convention center. President Kim highlighted, “The plan initiates in Bangladesh before expanding to the other three countries.”

A separate curriculum and assessment program will be introduced for pastors without theological degrees, along with a leadership certificate program for lay leaders such as elders and deacons to foster spiritual growth. “Our primary goal is to train and empower quality pastors through comprehensive training and pastoral resources,” Pr. Kim stated. “We are confident in accomplishing great things together as we spread the gospel in these countries.”

Initiatives also include forming women-oriented small groups, prayer meetings, and other missionary activities. Plans to expand evangelism in Adventist educational institutions comprise daily Bible studies and community events to enhance spirituality. “We aim to establish an international school providing quality education rooted in Seventh-day Adventist principles,” President Kim Yohan expressed. “Additionally, we will implement an English language education program for foreign students.”

Furthermore, support for media evangelism, including digital missionary outreach and the activities of Hope Channel TV and Adventist World Radio (AWR), were identified through the GAiN (Global Adventist internet Network) conference.

“I extend a warm welcome to our brothers and sisters from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. We are privileged to have you as members of the NSD. I extend my heartfelt thanks for your dedication to the mission’s development in these regions.”