NSD Pathfinder Camporee Booth Activities

The Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD) Youth Department will hold the 1st NSD Pathfinder Camporee from August 7 to 12, 2012 at the Sahmyook University campus.

There will be more than 100 booth activities to participate inand enjoy such as the Pathfinder Skill booth, Handcraft, Experience, Nature, Art, Mission Service, Recreation, Special Activities, Professions, Events, Corporate booth, Schools and Institutions and many more. If the participants reach a certain level in the booth activities, they will receive a certificate.

At the "Experience" booth, the participants can do Topiary, Wood Craft, Paper Art, Balloon Art, Ribbon Art, Traditional Music, Book Art, etc.

At the NSD PathfinderCamporee, people can experience various cultures from other countries. There will be several “Foreign Culture Booths”. These booths will provide a variety of foreign cultural experiences from Japan, China, Taiwan, Mongolia, Hong Kong, the U.S.A., as well as many others. The participants will be able to meet foreign friends and get to know each other. During the night program cultural shows from many different countries will be performed.


At the “Event” booth, there will be a Mini Safari which will display 35~50 live animals. Air bounce, Tumbling,and World Insect booths will be there, too. Outdoor programswill include Mountain Climbing, River Crossing,and Mountain Biking at JaemyungLake.

Various corporate and institutional booths will be open. People can purchase products or find information about those institutions.

Some booths activities require payment in order to participate such as Flower Decoration, Horseback Riding,Model Airplane, Dye Art, and Ribbon Art.

You can get more information from the NSD Youth Department (Tel: 82-31-910-1528).