NSD Leadership Summit Unites New and Existing Leaders in Bangkok

The NSD Leadership Summit was held in Bangkok, Thailand, from the evening of Monday, April 29, to the evening of Thursday, May 2, spanning three days and four nights. The summit, titled “Mission First, Get Involved,” featured Kim DaeSung, former KUC President, as the main speaker. He emphasized fundamental leadership qualities such as church administration, pastoral ethics, and mission support, drawing on his 45 years of ministry experience. Additionally, two speakers were invited by the General Conference: Pastor Petras Bahadur and Pastor Clifmond Shameerudeen. They provided mission training for the four countries newly included in the Northern Asia-Pacific Division through the Global Center for Adventist Muslim Relations and the Center for South Asian Religions.

Pastor Kim DaeSung emphasizes the fundamental leadership qualities.

Leaders from the four new countries and the four existing countries met to share ideas and attend the lectures together, fostering a sense of belonging to the Northern Asia-Pacific Division. In his opening worship service, Kim YoHan, President of the NSD, introduced the theme of challenge and change. He announced that NSD would now support financial and administrative leaders—two pillars of the Seventh-day Adventist Church—by offering educational opportunities for their development. He emphasized that individual preparedness is essential for the organization to function as a missionary entity. He expressed his desire to expand missionary outreach, both directly and indirectly, through digital mission and education, especially in the four new countries.

Each seminar featured practical leadership education sessions, such as “The Philosophy of Church Administration” by Jonas Arrais, Ministerial Secretary of the NSD, “Retention and Reclamation” by Lee MyunJu, the President of the Pakistan Union (PKU), and “Understanding Financial Statements” by Kim TaeSeung, Treasurer of the NSD. The summit concluded with the hope that all leaders would be prepared for the coming of the Kingdom of God by becoming not only missionary leaders but also church administrative and financial leaders.

All leaders in NSD gather for a group photo.

Notably, the newly appointed Mongolia Mission (MM) President, Yang EuiSik, and Sri Lankan Mission (SLM) President, Jung HyoSoo, participated in the summit, experiencing the unity of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division. President Kim YoHan suggested that all leaders attend lectures and take pictures in a unified shirt, provided to all leaders, to symbolize the unity of the NSD leaders.