NSD ASI Convention

   The NSD Adventist-laymen’s Services and Industries (ASI) held a convention and a general meeting with the theme “Forget not all His benefits” at Phoenix Island Resort, Jeju, Korea from September 1 to 4, 2011. About 350 lay people from Korea, Japan, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, USA, Bangladesh, and the Philippines gathered together for spiritual growth and to strengthen the ASI ministries. The ASI convention takes place every three years in order to promote fellowship among Adventist laymen and to share information about each field. This convention was especiallymeaningful, because it was the NSD’s first ASI convention, held separate from the Bi-Division convention with the Southern Asia-Pacific Division. At the meeting, Elder JongHyun Song was reappointed toserve as President of the NSD ASI for the next three years. At his acceptance speech, Mr. Song said “although I am weak, I will try to do my best like Simon who helped carry Jesus’ Cross.”

   Opening the meeting, Dr. Jairyong Lee, the NSD President, said “Adventist businessmen are working not only for themselves, but also for others as stewards of God. As God has given special blessings like wealth and wisdom, He expects proper use of those blessing from us.”
Pastor Teru Fukui, the NSD Sabbath School & Personal Ministries Director, said “to accomplish the vision of sharing Christ in our daily lives, all without exception should participate.”

   Various interesting lectures were given by Pastor Geoffrey Mbwana, the GC Vice President, Pastor David Gates, an Aviator & Medical Evangelist, Pastor BienvenidoTejano, Philippines Ambassador to Papua New Guinea, and Pastor Jiao Hong, a Medical Doctor. The speakers shared their experiences and how God had led their lives.They also emphasized that the ultimate purpose of life for all Christians is to prepare themselves for the Second Coming of Christ and to give the gospel message to othersand asked participants to be faithful workers of the Lord.On the Sabbath, Pastor Mbwana delivered a message that God is seeking for those who will answer His call andChristiansshould reveal the light of the truth. 

   During the convention, promotion booths were organized by many different institutions and organizations such as Sahmyook Food, Bangladesh Adventist College, HisHands Mission Movement, 1000 Missionary Movement, and Continent Mission, so that participants could get and share some information. There were also touching stories of lay people who dedicate themselves to the Lord’s work and a special music concert by the Golden Angels.
   In the beautiful environment of Jeju Islands, participants felt God’s love and blessing for them once again and resolved to be the more faithful servants of Him.