Northern Asia-Pacific Division -Family Ministry Advisory

Under the theme, “I Will Go with My Family: My Family, My Ministry,” Union and Conference directors were happy and inspired for the opportunity to share new concepts in their work of reaching families for Jesus after the pandemic. The three areas of emphasis for Family Ministries were highlighted during the two days of meetings providing guidance, ideas, and resources for the mission in the NSD territory.

  • Revival: To strengthen the family’s spiritual growth.
  • Leadership: To equip and inspire families to lead.
  • Mission: To empower families as centers of service and mission.   

Meetings were held at the NSD division headquarters in Paju, South Korea on April 3-6, 2023. Drs. Willie and Elaine Oliver, General Conference Family Ministries directors shared their expertise, ideas, insights, and guidance, while providing direction for the work of Family Ministries in NSD. Reports which covered challenges and plans for the NSD fields were given by each Union, Conference, and Mission leader. Special sessions were devoted to prayer and a recommitment to the task.

The leaders had the opportunity to discuss important issues, brainstorm, share ideas and align the work of Family Ministries for the years ahead. Dr. Willie Oliver led the discussion on the Adventist Family Ministries Strategic Focus with a special emphasis on Rebuilding the Family Altar: Family Worship. He also presented The Elijah Message, which is the Family Ministries’ initiative contribution to the Three Angels’ Messages of the World Church. He stressed the importance of the parents passing on their faith to the next generation, the need for parents to turn their hearts toward their children and children to turn their hearts toward their parents. This will create stronger and healthier families who are dedicated to God’s mission of sharing the Good News of Jesus to other families, he said.

Dr. Elaine Oliver introduced the new Family Ministries Leadership Certification Program 2.0 to all the directors encouraging each field to train and enrich their leadership through this program. She also presented a compelling seminar titled “Emotional and Verbal Abuse in the Family” and how to break this cycle. “Emotional abuse is difficult to define, and many cases are never reported; nevertheless, it’s clear that this form of destructive behavior is based on power and control, and it is destructive and cannot be ignored in a family relationship,” Oliver stated.

I give praises to God for the days we spent together as Family Ministry leaders. We finished the advisory spiritually refreshed and to lead effectively where God has placed us for such a time as this. The directors returned to their fields inspired and empowered. To God be the glory!