News from the Golden Angels in Taipei

The Golden Angels 11th group faced their final mission activity for the year 2014. The starting point was Xindian Church in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. As part of their evangelism, the church offered foot massage, children’s class, and a class for teenagers. The foot massage especially helped carry people’s feet to the evangelism meetings.

PMM Pastor Kim SeokWoo invited an American missionary to provide an hour of English class for the children, and a cultural exchange program was planned for the teenagers. Unfortunately, this was during exam week for children and teenagers, so attendance was poor. However, instead of giving up hope, a new goal was set for evangelism, and plans are being made to have another children’s class and teenagers’ class with the Golden Angels in March 2015.

In order to carry out these new plans, the church has a goal of raising 1 million TWD (about 32,000 USD). The church members were asked to give an offering pledge after being shown a visual presentation on the project. To monitor their success, a sticker would be removed from a chart for every 40,000 TWD. The church members thought that only one or two stickers would be removed that day, but a miracle happened: eleven stickers were taken off! This means about 440,000 TWD was collected from a special offering by 30 church members. Although that is still less than half of the final goal, we have seen that God is working with us, and we believe He will finish this mission.

There was also a baptismal ceremony at the church. For a year the pastor had been in contact with four souls and studying the Bible with them. They made the decision to become God’s children. What a happy moment it was.

After that, the Golden Angels went to Neihu Church in Taipei. This church was recently started and is the youngest Pioneer Mission Movement (PMM) church in Taiwan, but Pastor Kim In Soo and his wife have devoted their lives to God and, praying with church members, were able to complete the evangelistic meeting. Even non-baptized church attendees were helping out and sharing papers with others. That week reminded us of the Bible verse from Psalm 126:5: “They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.”

Once again we really thank God for giving us the precious opportunity to spread the gospel through His grace and mercy. Please pray for our pastors who are devoting their lives for Jesus Christ as PMM missionaries.