Mongolia, Celebrates the Thanksgiving Worship Service of its 30th Anniversary of Mission

Thanksgiving and praise were given to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Mongolian mission. The Mongolian Mission (President: SukHee Han) held a service to commemorate the 30th anniversary of missionary work and the 25th anniversary of the church organization by inviting pastor Ted N. C. Wilson, the president of the General Conference, at Suut resort near Ulaanbaatar from August 26 to 28.

 With the theme of ‘Go to the World Again! Tell the World Again by Faith,’ around 500 members participated in this program and built an altar of glory to the God of Ebenezer.

Pastor SukHee Han, Mongolia Mission President(front right) stands with pastor Naymdavaa Dovchinsuren, MM Executive Secretary

In particular, significant attention was drawn towards the seekers who realized the truth through simultaneous evangelism meetings held in 21 sites across the country for a week from the 20th of August. This event was even more meaningful as it was Mongolia’s first nationwide simultaneous evangelism event.

In his welcoming speech, which also served as the opening declaration, the president of the Mongolia Mission, Pastor SukHee Han, said, “We are now entering another generation, looking forward to a new plan and vision for the future. We are standing in front of a new era. We need a spiritual revival like Joshua. It takes an inspiring experience, like a change of seasons full of energy. I hope this gathering will be such an opportunity.”

Dr. YoHan Kim, NSD presdient(Left) addresses the Mongolian Adventist members and Joanne Park Kim, MM Education Director(right) translates

Dr. Yohan Kim, president of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division, gave a congratulatory address by saying, “We Thank the Lord for guiding the Mongolian Adventist Church. Today’s history is the blessing that God has granted us, and it is the result of the devotion of past leaders and members who have worked together with one heart to deliver the Three Angels’ Messages. I hope that the grace of Christ will always rest in your ministry on this earth until the mission of the gospel given to the remnant is fulfilled.”

In his commemorative sermon, Elder Ted Wilson said, “If we remember the hand of God who has guided us and do not forget to rely on His hand who will continue to guide us in the future, the Lord will work for us in a more extraordinary way. Adventists must have firm faith in the Bible and become strong witnesses for him.”

Ted N. C. Wilson, World chruch president preaches during the Sabbath morning divine service

On the Sabbath of the 27th, members not only from various regions of Mongolia, but also from Korea, Japan, the United States, the Philippines, Pakistan, and other places gathered together.

Cathie Jolly Hartman, the first missionary to Mongolia, reminisced and shared the moments of being dispatched to the “barren land of the gospel” in the Sabbath school program. In 1991, when Mongolia gave up communism and introduced a parliamentary democracy system with a president as the head of state, she and her husband Brad boarded a plane to Ulaanbaatar. She commented, “Just seeing you today is a thrill and a great gift for me.”

Consequently, Joanne Kim shared a testimony on the stage. In 1992, as a pioneer missionary, Kim stepped into the ‘unknown land’, and at the age of 21 at the time and overcame many difficulties and persisted in evangelism. Kim said, “I originally planned to stay for only two years, but I served five years. Now, I am working here with my beloved family. All was possible by the grace of the Holy Spirit. God has called us. He totally guides our lives.”

Currently serving as the director of the Education department of the Mongolian Mission, Kim appealed about the Gateway International by saying, “This project is to prepare for the future of Mongolia. Mongolia is a young church with many children and young people. We need to educate and train them so that they can grow into strong and faithful Adventists. We need your help and prayers.”

Elder Ted Wilson, president of the General Conference gave the sermon. With the message in Matthew 16, he illuminated the importance of evangelism. Elder Wilson commented, “We must now return to our homes, schools, and workplaces to preach the three angels’ messages. That is the holy mission given to the ‘remnant’. We must become loyal soldiers of Christ through our lives. Raise your eyes and look to the sky. The time of the Second Coming is getting closer and closer.”

Following the sermon, youth from the Tusgal School received a big round of applaud through their dramatic portrayal of a modern-day version of the Good Samaritan. Furthermore, as part of the ‘I Will Go’ project, a distribution ceremony for the missionary booklet, The Last Hope was held as well. The Mongolian Mission presented plaques of appreciation to Cathie Hartman, Joan Kim, and former Mongolian Mission presidents, Elbert Kuhn and Pastor Yohan Kim.