Magnitude 7.4 Earthquake Strikes Taiwan

An earthquake in Taiwan, occurring around 8 A.M. local time on April 5, 2024, caused minor damage to three churches where Korean missionaries are serving. Fortunately, there were no casualties reported. However, aftershocks continue, and the full extent of the damage has not yet been determined, indicating that the overall impact may grow.

Kwon SoonBum, the Youth Director of the Taiwan Conference, described the situation, noting, “There were about four long aftershocks lasting about two hours from 7:58 a.m. this morning.” He also mentioned that the eastern region of Hualien was hit by a magnitude 7.4 earthquake, causing the collapse of old buildings and slightly affecting local churches.

Kim SunHwan, the Director of Global Missions for the Northern Asia-Pacific Division, stated, “So far, no significant damage has been reported to the churches and their congregations. However, buildings that have been shaken may develop cracks over time, and with ongoing aftershocks, we need to continue monitoring the situation.” He requested prayers to prevent any further damage.

Some churches suffer damage from the earthquake – YueMei church.

Most churches with PMM missionaries are located in western urban areas and were less affected by the recent earthquake. However, exceptions include the Xintian Church, where ceiling finishes and tiles fell, and the Beitun Church, which experienced minor wall cracks and ceiling warping. Additionally, some church members are facing difficulties due to the earthquake. Elder Lin and his family from the Hualien Church have lost their home, as severe damage has rendered it uninhabitable. Furthermore, the De-An and Yue-Mei Churches have sustained damage that will require a significant amount of time for reconstruction. Nevertheless, all the church members are safe, and there have been no casualties.

Elder Lin’s house sustains damage from the earthquake.

This earthquake, which occurred southeast of Hualien, a city on the eastern coast of Taiwan, was the strongest in the region in the past 25 years, with a depth of 20 km. So far, the quake has resulted in the collapse of two buildings, power outages, and widespread damage in the Hualien area. Tsunami warnings were also issued for Japan’s Okinawa, coastal areas of China, and the Philippines.

In Taiwan, 11 South Korean pastoral families are serving as PMM pastors, sharing the gospel, and 12 young adults are officially active as PCM missionaries.