KUC Women's Ministries teams visited Bangladesh to hold evangelistic meetings

Last December 2023, the KUC Women’s Ministries teams visited Bangladesh to hold evangelistic meetings. They had repeatedly volunteered for evangelistic meetings in India, Nepal, and Pakistan, but this mission trip holds particular significance as it marked the first simultaneous evangelistic meeting since Bangladesh became a part of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division.

W. S. Kim and S. K. Kim, BAUM president and CHM director, requested Women’s Ministries to visit Bangladesh and hold evangelistic meetings outside of Dhaka. KUC WM and KAWA prepared for this mission to Bangladesh, gathering information about the country and raising funds through bazaars.

They made extensive preparations for more than a year in Korea and Bangladesh, with the support of the BAUM President, staff members, and pastors from the Northern mission. They prepared beds and supplies for the evangelistic teams, including gifts and snacks for attendees, with the funds the team sent in advance.

Even though Bangladesh is a distant mission field requiring two flight transfers, 35 women volunteered. Therefore, they were able to form five evangelistic teams. The journey to the mission field was arduous. It took about 38 hours due to weather disruptions, including an emergency landing in Kolkata, India, and a detour to Bangkok before finally reaching Bangladesh. Some teams opted to save on airfare to sponsor water projects in Bangladesh. So, they endured overnight stays at airports while transiting through China. However, upon arrival at the mission field, they saw the church members waiting for them even late at night, welcoming them with flowers, traditional dances, and music, washing away the fatigue of their long journey.

Many Bangladesh children attend the evangelistic meeting.

Five teams served Gobindopur Church, Deborah Church, Aconpara Church, Kuzura Church, and Baribide Church in the Northern mission of BAUM. In the morning, they conducted Bible schools, followed by home visits and medical check-ups in the afternoon, and in the evening, they delivered sermons. In addition, they provided opportunities for attendees to experience various aspects of Korean culture alongside handicraft activities. In this evangelistic meeting, 40 souls from five churches were baptized and born again as children of God. In some areas, baptism took place in rivers, while in other churches, the baptismal tank was used. Baptism brought great joy not only to God but also to all who were watching. To the newly baptized, they gave a Bible as a gift.

New soul gets baptized and is born again as a child of God.

To conduct missionary work, a considerable budget is required. However, God provided for all their needs. The WM department of the North Asia-Pacific Division and many other sponsors provided funds for expenses during the missionary journey, including gifts and supporting projects such as water facilities, bathrooms, kitchen construction, church remodeling, and more. Five teams provided eight wells (water facilities), two bathrooms, and two kitchens, prioritizing support for classroom expansion, church roof improvement, and carpet replacement.

The Women Ministries team stated, “We earnestly hope that the churches can proclaim the living water of Jesus to the souls in their community. We thank God for mobilizing the women in KUC to ‘GO’ and share the love of Jesus in Bangladesh.”