KUC Celebrates enditnow with Hope for Families Violence Counseling Center

In celebration of the 2023“enditnow” global emphasis day, various initiatives were undertaken in the Korean Union Conference Territory. Campaign efforts included the creation of videos addressing the abuse prevention as well as sermons and videos on how to create safe churches. Furthermore, campaigns against abuse were conducted in churches, hospitals, and schools. These campaigns were fueled by a deep sense of empathy for the current victims who suffer and endure the various forms of abuse within the church, and they aimed to provide solace and healing through prayer.

With the intention of extending help to those still struggling under the shadow of abuse, guidance, and promotion of the “Hope for Families Violence Counseling Center” within the Korean Union Conference were provided, along with the promotion of the helpline number.

Additionally, with the hope of a world free from abuse and violence, banners with the “End It Now” message were created and displayed both inside and outside churches. This was an effort to share the values and goals held by the church with the local community and gain their interest.

In the East Central Korea Conference, seminars on sexual education were organized to establish biblical values regarding sexuality and to educate parents on how to teach their children. The need for sexual education in schools and homes has become even more pronounced post-COVID, and parents who participated in this education gained valuable information and guidance on how to raise their children within a biblical worldview, recognizing that our children are created in the image of God and loved by Him.