Korean Language Camp "Winter of That Year" Took Place

The Global Korean Studies Department of Sahmyook University and the Youth Department of the Taiwan conference organized the Korean language camp ‘Winter of That Year.’

University students and youth participate in the Korean Language Camp.

From January, 15th to the 20th at Sahmyook University, total of 92 university students and youths, were participate the camp, including 63 Taiwanese youths, 16 students from Samyook University’s Global Korean Studies Department, and 13 youths from ACT organization.

The camp operated with a program based on small group interactions, with the 92 participants divided into 8 groups. In the morning, Korean language classes were conducted, divided into five levels from beginner to advanced, covering self-introduction, places they wanted to visit, Korean drama dialogues, and introducing personal belongings as topics.

In the afternoon, cultural experiences such as K-beauty, traditional games, and Korean food took place. Activities like learning K-pop dances and touring Korean tourist attractions were also organized.

Students take pictures in front of Gwanghwamun Gate.

Morning and evening sessions included lectures by Pastor Yang, Yo han from Sahmyook University Church, followed by small group discussions for spiritual reflection and training. On the final day, two Taiwanese youths accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior and got baptized.

Pastor Kwon SoonBeom, the TWC youth director, baptizes a student.

Meanwhile, Sahmyook University and the Youth Department of the Taiwan Conference have closely collaborated on campus mission work in Taiwan for some time. Currently, there are missionaries from Sahmyook University, including PMM (Pioneer Mission Movement Missionaries) pastors and PCM (Public Campus Ministries Missionaries), dispatched to 7 churches in Taiwan. They have established Korean language clubs on nearby university campuses, using the Korean Wave and Korean culture as points of contact to actively engage in campus missions.