Korean Adventist Women’s Association (KAWA)

News Article by Nam Sang-sook, KAWA’s president

Prayer & Dedication Service Sets the beginning of a New Year Focus on Mission 

On January 18, the Korean Adventist Women’s Association (KAWA) of the Korean Union Conference (KUC) held a dedication service at the Northern Asia-Pacific Division Headquarters in Paju, Korea. The NSD auditorium welcomed about 50 attendees who serve as advisors, pastors, women’s association executives, and women’s ministries directors. 

Nam Sang-sook, KAWA’s president, made a welcome speech and presented an inspiring report on the 2023 future plans for various ministries such as evangelism, cooking classes, leadership training, education opportunities for women, and toll to keep the women focused on mission and outreach. Kim Yo-han, NSD president, stressed the importance of women’s service and delivered a speech of encouragement, while Yun Chung-sil, Korean Union Conference Women’s Ministries director, encouraged the women to trust in God’s strength as He blesses and empowers the spiritual gifts given by God to minister more effectively. Raquel Arrais (NSD WM Director) affirmed the women in their calling, thanking God for including them in Jesus’ ministry and for including women today. 

It was a time when women gathered together at the beginning of the year to recommit themselves to serving Jesus wherever He leads.  

All the attendees recommitted their vision, mission, and passion and prayed together for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in their lives and service.   

Vision – Women to participate actively in spreading the Gospel 

Mission – Women to participate enthusiastically in the Mission of the Church 

Passion – Women to reach out to the local communities

At the end of the program, all the women read the mission statement and commitment pledge of the KAWA together and had time for everyone to pray with one heart: for the projects and many ministries KAWA is working on, for the revival and mission revitalization of the Korean Adventist Church, for the I WILL GO projects, for the NSD Jabez Project, the peace and safety of the country, and for the revitalization of the North Korean mission.

NSD WM department offered a special lunch to all the attendees as an opportunity to say thank you for KAWA’s dedication and service to the church globally. The fellowship around the table and the joy of the women working and serving together keep the Vision, Mission, and Passion alive.