Jiao-Keng Church: Celebrating 70 Years of Faith and Devotion

On February 24, 2024, Jiao-Keng Church celebrated its 70th anniversary. Seventy years ago, the message of the three angels and Sabbath worship was delivered to the city of Tainan. Some members of the Sunday Church brought their families to the Seventh-day Adventist Church, a significant event in the history of the Taiwan Conference in 1954.

From 1954 to 2024, the members of the rural Jiao-Keng Church attended Sabbath worship every Sabbath, regardless of heavy rain, typhoons, or any other obstacles, as they adhered to the teachings of the Bible. Although not very affluent, they willingly consecrated their money, time, and abilities to God’s church, enabling them to continue their Sabbath worship until today.

Church members sing special songs for all the participants.

Eight faithful elders have served over seventy years, becoming the most responsible leaders who have contributed to the church’s growth. Twenty pastors have served at Jiao-Keng Church; they may have been young or older when they arrived. The church initially struggled with shortages of water, food, and electricity. They worked hard, served well, and became good shepherds for all members of Jiao-Keng Church.

The congregation and leaders of the church gather, form a harmonious assembly, and capture a momentous group photograph.

Clark Ke, the president of the Taiwan Conference, encouraged all church members, saying, “Do not forget the 70 years of faithfulness, and we need to deliver the best message to unbelievers so that they may know Jesus and become his disciples. We must keep our belief until the second coming of Jesus Christ.” Jiao-Keng Church members stated, “We obey God and praise the Lord for the 70th anniversary of Jiao-Keng Church. Because the Holy God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit always protect us, we are happy to obey and wait for Jesus Christ’s second coming.”