[Interview] Korean Union Conference, Sabbath School and Personal Ministries Director, Pr. Shin Kwang-cheol

“We Have High hopes for the Restoration of Missionary Zeal and Spiritual Revival”

“I hope that every church members can participate not out of a sense of obligation, but with a strong desire that cannot help but speak of what we have seen and heard, and share this blessing and joy with their neighbors.”

Korean Union Conference SSPM(Sabbath School and Personal Ministries) Director, Pastor Shin Kwang-cheol, Sends a Message of Appeal to Churches and Believers Nationwide Ahead of ‘Impact Day’ Campaign. June 3rd, Marks the Simultaneous Participation of Churches Nationwide in ‘Impact Day’.”

Pr. Shin Kwang-cheol stated, “Imagine how wonderful it would be if our friends and neighbors also gain this astonishing hope and faith?” He emphasized, “In that sense, the ‘The Great Controversy Project 2.0’ aims to share the gift of hope and faith with friends and neighbors, embodying the joyous value of spreading salvation’s hope and faith.” The following is the full interview transcript.

Pr. Shin kwang Cheol, SSPM Director of the KUC, expressed his hopes that this year’s “Impact Day” would serve as an opportunity to rekindle the missionary passion that has been dampened by the COVID-19 pandemic.

▲ What is the significance of this project?

– As we all know, “The Great Controversy” vividly explains the unfolding and ultimate conclusion of the battle between good and evil throughout human history, providing us with a clear understanding and conviction of hope and faith for the future even in an uncertain world. Sharing this hope and faith with our neighbors is both our mission and privilege. In this regard, this project holds the value of sharing the hope and faith of salvation with those around us.

▲ Why is such ministry and activity important for believers living in this era of the second coming?

– This era is the prophesied last days, the culmination of earthly history leading to the second coming of Jesus Christ. We will become the protagonists who experience the end and new beginning of the Earth’s history. Our role in this era is abundantly clear – to share this blessed news with friends and neighbors. Time is running short, and we must hasten to share this message. We will soon welcome the return of Jesus Christ.

▲ We are living in an era where the readership of print media, including books, is very low. How can we effectively distribute them?

– Above all, I hope that more effort is put into the way we deliver these books. I urge against simply placing them randomly in mailboxes of apartment complexes and multi-unit residences. Instead, I recommend a method where, after earnestly praying for our neighbors and friends, we personally meet and deliver the books. If direct delivery is not possible, mailing them could be an alternative method.

We have also prepared webbooks, PDF files, and audiobooks to effectively convey the message online. It would be beneficial to utilize these various methods for distribution. Above all, we should prioritize praying fervently for the recipients of the ‘Battle of the Ages’ book, asking for the Holy Spirit’s inspiration to accompany them.

▲ What missionary and spiritual effects does the Korea Union Conference anticipate through this project?

– Many churches have faced challenges in their missionary activities due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, more significant concern is the habitual patterns of worship and faith that have become weakened during the pandemic. Churches must make diligent efforts to overcome these issues and regain new spiritual rejuvenation and missionary momentum.

The Korean Union Conference hopes and prays that through the ‘Battle of the Ages Project 2.0’, churches and believers will once again recover their missionary passion and experience a revival of faith.

▲ Lastly, if there are any appeals or emphatic words for churches and believers nationwide?

– In this era, the task of proclaiming the message of the three angels to the world is not just a matter of choice, but an essential mission that the church of the Second Coming must undertake. Sharing the book ‘The Great Controversy‘ is one effective method of fulfilling this mission. While it is important to distribute a large quantity, it is even more crucial for all church members to participate. We earnestly request that you perceive this as a mission that must be actively embraced, rather than a choice to be made.

Above all, by participating in this endeavor, we will personally experience the great blessings of faith. We encourage you to read the book again before sharing it with friends and neighbors. Even if you have already read it multiple times, rereading it through this project will enable you to share it with greater conviction.

If you read the book ‘The with a prayerful heart, you will experience the strong leading of the Holy Spirit that cannot be withheld until you share it with friends and neighbors.