Himalayan section Outreach Activities

A Korean group provide Health Service, Children Ministry, Home visitation, Hair cutting and Family photo service at Dapcha SDA Church.

This report outlines the activities and accomplishment of a group of 14 individuals who joined to provide Health service, children Ministry, Home visitation, family photo service and hair cutting service over the three days. The purpose of this initiative was to meet the needs of the community in various aspects, ensuring the well-being of families and promoting unity and happiness through the family photos.

The group consisted of dedicated professionals from various fields, including doctors, nurses, child care specialist, photographer, pastors, missionaries and assistants. Each member brought their unique skills and expertise, creating a diverse team capable of providing comprehensive services.

More then 300 people was treated over the three days. The team set-up a temporary clinic equipped with necessary medical supplies and technology. The medical staff provide general check-ups, vaccinations, consultations, small surgery and medicine according to their health conditions. They also organize informative sessions on health education, covering topics such as proper nutrition, hygiene, and disease prevention. the team successfully attended to numerous patients, promoting a healthier life style within the community.

The group arranged a professional photographer service, families had the opportunity to have their family photos by the skilled photographer, capturing moments of joy and togetherness. There memorable photos served as a symbol of unity and love, reinforcing the importance of family bonds.

This group provide the hair cutting service in the community and many people came to have this free service. And also provide the Vacation bible school where they taught very interesting stories and provide many kinds of educational gifts to the children’s. at the evening time of each day they provide the adult evangelism where more then 100 people attended and also, they provide some Rice to the very poor families.

Over the three days, this group made a significant impact on the community. Through their dedication, expertise and a commitment to fostering well-being, the group of 14 individuals successfully provide all the services. The impact of this initiative will continue to resonate within the community, serving as the Jesus to prioritize health, happiness, family values and more than that the importance of soon coming of the Lord Jesus.