Golden Angels Japan Union Conference Mission Trip

The Golden Angels (GA) second mission trip to Japan on May 16-June 4, 2012, was a very moving experience. Once we departed for our trips, everyday became a mission day. We met people,did house visitation, visited a home for the aged, shared conversations, distributed tracts, and participated in an evangelistic meeting and concert, inside and outside. Through our prayers God always gives us strength, and the right spirit to overcome every challenge in His battlefield.
After we landed in Japan on May 17, we had a concert in Kofudai Saniku Elementary School. We taught the children action songs,sang some easy Japanese songs, and of course our GA gospel songs. It was great to be with the children,and we enjoyed our time together in fellowship with God.
The next stop was at Saniku Gakuin University to join their Gospel Week’s final program on Friday to offer them gospel songs. The students were so talkative and kind to us that it made us happy to serve them.
The second week of our trip,we flew to the Fukui Church, which is led by Pioneer Mission Movement (PMM) Pastor Jae Jin Lee, to support an evangelistic meeting there. Early every morning, the Golden Angels members were blessed by his morning devotionals. It was so touching and encouraging for us to be faithful and sincere in God’s work. Everyday we performed a one hour concert. Five minutes before we were to start, no one had arrived. But after we finished our opening prayer people were coming one-by-one or family-by-family. Everyday we saw new faces, and we felt it was so amazing.

Golden Angels with Fukui church members (* Click to see a bigger image)

Golden Angels at Okinawa Saniku School

Golden Angels with Tachikawa Chinese Church members

After the wonderful experiences in Fukui, we flew back to the Tachikawa Tokyo Church to support the Chinese Mission Church there. In cooperation with Pastor Yu Chang Fu, and Pastor Wong, the evangelism went so well. From our hearts we sang for them for four days. Unfortunately, we were not able to finish our mission there because of our tight schedule. But praise the Lord for the two precious souls that were saved!
As our last mission in Japan, we flew to the southern part of the country, to the Okinawa Naha Church. Pastor Tomihama’s family accommodated us wonderfully. We joined the Okinawa Union Conference’s Sabbath fellowship. All in all over 600 church members gathered including the Okinawa International SDA Church. In the afternoon, for their special mission program, the members of the Golden Angels Group 9 (GA9) offered some songs for them. Time was so precious there. We had three concerts in two days. So just after we finished our program there, we moved to the Okinawa Saniku Junior High School. In the morning of the last full day in Japan, we had a gospel concert at the school and in the evening we went to the Naha Church for a gospel songs concert. Actually, beside that church there was a big hotel. We could not make our sound system as loud as we wanted, but thank God that the Japanese like lower sound. So as we praised the Lord through our songs, God moved their hearts.
After our last concert in Japan, we felt God had worked through us to touch His people and call His people through this Gospel channel. The GA9 members are always happy and ready to serve the Lord no matter what happens, and wherever they are. May God continually bless each one of us.