Family Ministries Training in UT

A special 2-day training on family enrichment was conducted for the members of Hangzhou on July 14 and 15, 2012.   About 60 members were present for the Sabbath morning sermon till the afternoon at 3:30 pm to participate in the training. 

Dr Sally Phoon the Family Ministries Director and Dr Chek Yat Phoon, NSD Education Director and resource personnel for Family Ministries, conducted the training.  Dr Sally spoke on Sabbath morning on the theme of revival and reformation. The title of her sermon was “What is the Greatest Miracle of All?”.  In the afternoon and on Sunday, she and Dr C Y Phoon, spoke on the “Five Languages of Love” and “Please Understand Me!”.  The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator was used to help in the self-understanding and communication between spouses, family members and friends. 

There was great appreciation for the learning and they are looking forward to future family training sessions.  Leaders also expressed the great need for premarital and marital counseling so that their young people can be equipped with skills right from the start of marriage to ensure better success in family life.