Faithful Giving and Spiritual Insights at the Paiwan Mission District Stewardship Seminar

On March 9, 2024, the Taiwan Conference Stewardship Ministries Department hosted the Paiwan Mission District Stewardship Seminar at Wen-Le Church. A total of 257 church members gathered for song praises, testimonies, and stewardship lectures, focusing on the spiritual importance of stewardship and the blessings of systematic giving.

Kim NakHyung, the NSD Stewardship Ministries Director; Steven Wu, the NSD Stewardship Ministries Associate Director; and Huang, the TWC Stewardship Ministries Director, led the participants through a series of discussions emphasizing the importance of the combined offering mandated by the General Conference. The speeches highlighted that recognizing God as the source of life strengthens the believers’ relationship with Him, facilitating systematic and heartfelt giving.

Pastor Kim NakHyung delivers a sermon to the congregation on the role of stewardship.

The seminar’s success was evident not just in the number of participants, which exceeded 200, but also in the active involvement of all pastors from the Paiwan Mission District. Their participation and support played a crucial role in the event’s success and underscored the collective effort to promote stewardship within the community. This year’s seminar shifted the focus from city churches to sharing valuable insights with ten Mission Districts within the Taiwan Conference, expanding its impact.

Over 200 people attend the seminar to learn about the importance of the role of stewardship.

The attendees’ feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing that the systematic approach to tithes and offerings is not only a duty but also a blessing and grace from God. Moreover, the TWC Stewardship Ministries Department plans to hold a “Golden Bell Quiz Bowl” on September 8, 2024, at the TWC headquarters. This future event promises to continue the momentum of spiritual education and engagement among church members.