Day 2 of the Yearend Meeting

The second day of the Yearend Meeting began on November 3 with a morning reflection led by Dr. Petras, the head of the Global Mission Center. As per the agenda for this year’s meeting, NSD stands as the district with the second-largest “M” population among the 13 districts. It means a necessity for specific policies and aid for missions within the NSD. Dr. Petras, acknowledging his roots, referred to the “three sons of Ismail, and Abraham’s son who was Ishmael,” as recounted in the Old Testament. He encouraged attendees to strive to unite their descendants, the “M” community, with the broader community of believers in this era.

Following the morning devotion, various reports were presented, including the Executive Secretary Report, Education Report, NSD ASI Report, and Communication Report. Additionally, the Nominating Committee convened during the lunch break to appoint the new 1000MM Missionary Director. Pastor Jae Song Jeon completed five years of dedicated service, and the new director was appointed by the President of the Mongolian Mission, Han SukHee. Further decisions on Pastor Jae Song Jeon’s new assignment will follow in due course.

The afternoon session featured reports on TWC metropolitan evangelism, Health Ministry, Chinse Union Mission, CHM, FM, WM departments, ADRA Asia, and the North Korean missionary department. The day wrapped up in an evening flag march ceremony representing the nine NSD countries, which now included four additional countries.

During the Friday Sabbath closing service, there were special baptism ceremonies. One included a North Korean defector, while another marked the emotional baptism of an elderly woman who, after a 40-year search, found her calling from God at the threshold of truth. The Vespers evening service underscored NSD’s mission: every endeavor is a step forward, working toward the goal of reaching souls prepared for God.