Creation Exploration for Children

Thirty-five children and their parents joined “Creation Exploration” from Sept. 25-28, 2022, on Jeju Island. The purpose of this program, developed by the Children’s Ministries of the West Central Korean Conference, is to help children explore God’s magnificent creation of the world in nature through lessons and activities.

Walking along rugged roads together and enjoying the natural scenery, participants discovered the love of God. Observing various plants and stones and looking at the sun and moon, they paid close attention to how God speaks to them through nature. It was a rare opportunity to contemplate God’s love in His work of creation in nature, especially for children who easily get caught up in social media and electronic games.

The program organizers encouraged children not only to understand the biblical Creation but to grow as messengers of God’s love with a strong faith. Participants gave positive feedback regarding the program, saying that it was a precious time for learning, sharing, and fellowship with others.