ADRA Mongolia Board Conducts Its 2022 Year-End Meeting

ADRA Mongolia Board conducted its year-end meeting on the 25th November 2022 in Ramada Hotel at the capital Ulaanbaatar and was attended by its regular members from the Northern Asia Pacific Division (NSD) and the Mongolia Mission (MM) leadership together with lay members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the country.

The meeting was presided by its Board Chairman, Pastor Han Suk Hee, President/Mongolia Mission with members and formed a quorum: Joel Tompkins (Treasurer/NSD), Pastors Nyamdavaa Dovchuren (Executive Secretary [ outgoing]), Adiyakhuu Oktyabri (incoming Executive Secretary), Nyamsuren Myagmar, YoungSik Kim (Treasurer) with Bayarmaa Sengedash (lay member), and Windell Maranan, Secretary/ Country Director ADRA Mongolia. Other members were not able to come due to personal reasons.

Pastor Han emphasized in his devotional the importance of obedience in doing God’s work as it will be followed by the promised blessings. Highlighting the intentional partnership between ADRA Mongolia and the Seventh-day Church, Han’s reiterated on guaranteed blessings on the Agency and the Church’ partnership and ministry as they get involved together in doing humanitarian and development work in fulfilling God’s mission.

Currently, ADRA Mongolia and the MM leadership is strengthening the partnership and collaboration through a signed Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation in doing and serving communities as well as strengthening the Total Membership Involvement (TMI) principle by working together through a number of activities and initiatives.

The meeting highlighted the current programs portfolio of the Agency that focus on food security and health, economic development and livelihood, climate change adaptation/pastureland management and animal science breeding and development and other small projects that equally impact community people in most need.

Furthermore, much emphasis was given from the Country Director’s Report highlighting a space for Board members’ education and training on understanding development practice while connecting with beneficiary partners and other stakeholders on the ground hence assisting them to give informed decisions on how the Agency operates.

Strengthening key focus areas such as partnership and church relations, developing new partnerships (inside and outside of the network), securing sustained funding opportunities, broadening of communications and marketing opportunities and further developing new and relevant thematic area/s of concentration are a number of things that the Agency will continue to pursue moving forward.

As well, the five-year Strategic Plan (2022-2027) document has been presented to the Board to introduce and inform the Board of ADRA Mongolia’s strategy and how it envisions a future for the Agency including ways on how to achieve the three core areas of concentration labeled as the Wildly Important Goals (WIGs). The WIGs include the following: (1) Program Impact and Focus, (2) People and Systems and (3) Communications and Marketing. A High Level Action Plan was created to track the progress of the Strategic Plan in the next five years.