Milestone Baptismal Celebrations in Northern Pakistan Section

The Northern Pakistan Section celebrated a beautiful baptismal ceremony at Sohal Church, marking a significant milestone for 13 Sabbath school children who accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. This joyous occasion followed a baptismal class provided by the Pakistan Union Section Children Ministries Department, underscoring the department’s dedication to nurturing young faith. On the same day, during the Sabbath Day in the Lahore District, another baptismal celebration took place, where 23 Sabbath school children accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, adding to the collective joy and celebration of the community. “To God be all the glory” resonated through the attendees’ hearts, reflecting their profound gratitude for this divine milestone.

The children take a group photo holding their certificates.

Farzan Yakub, Children Ministries Director of PKU, provided essential guidance and seminars through “Parents as Guide” and “God First,” assisting parents in teaching their children to be faithful stewards as they grow in their walk with God. She said, “Teaching children to be faithful to God involves nurturing their spiritual growth through prayer, Bible study, and living by example. Encourage open discussions about faith, share stories of God’s love, and emphasize the importance of trust in Him. Children learn to develop a deep, lasting faith by fostering a loving and supportive environment.”

23 Sabbath school children accepts Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.

Raquel Arrais, Children Ministries Director of NSD, said, “Praise God for the remarkable blessing of 13 children accepting Jesus through baptism. This joyous occasion is a testament to His unending grace and love. May their lives be filled with His wisdom and light as they grow in their relationship with Him. Let us rejoice in this divine milestone, knowing that Heaven celebrates alongside us and continues to support and nurture these young believers.”