33rd Summer Retreat with Faith and Fellowship

From June 30 to July 2, 2024, Korean ACT/PCM (Adventist Collegians with Tidings/Public Campus Ministry) held the ‘33rd National SDA University Student Summer Retreat’ at Anmyeondo Training Center. This year’s event was especially significant as it marked the 57th anniversary of Korean ACT and the 10th anniversary of the General Conference PCM initiative.

Under the theme “Faith Tour with PCM,” the event saw 210 students and guiding pastors come together to share and experience God’s love and grace in their lives. Notably, seven members from Jeju PCM, formed last year, participated for the first time. Korean students from the U.S. and Australia, as well as international students currently studying in Korea, also attended, creating a truly diverse gathering.

Park JaeYoung, president of PCM Association—a collaborative body of PCM Campus Ministry and PCM Club (SDA Campus Ministry Support Group)—encouraged members to invite Jesus into their lives. He said, “If you start a new journey with Jesus, the obstacles before you will turn into steps for your growth.”

Choi HoYoung, youth director of the NSD, highlighted the PCM ministry’s motto in his opening sermon by referring to Elisha’s disciple, an unnamed young prophet. Pastor Choi emphasized, “Our identity is not defined by our names, universities, or majors. It is found and remembered in our relationship with Christ.” He underscored the importance of fulfilling one’s calling and mission.

He continued, “This unnamed young man was able to change the world by following Jesus and embracing his mission. An unprecedented ‘spiritual coup’ occurred in Israel’s history, and God’s word began to be fulfilled. Likewise, though we may be inexperienced and weak, if we truly follow Jesus and embrace His holy mission, we can transform the world with the gospel.”

Main speaker, Cho SangIk, Internal Medicine Specialist, shared his experiences through lectures titled “For the Glory of God,” “Jesus in My Life,” “Nothing Is Impossible for Believers,” and “The Love of the Cross.” He recounted his personal stories from family life, university, and medical school, testifying how God protects and blesses those who remain steadfast in faith without compromising with injustice.

Cho SangIk, the main speaker, delivers a message about his experiences.

He assured, “Some of you might be going through dark and oppressive tunnels in life. But our Savior God is beside us. Do not worry about failure or stumbling. Humans make mistakes, but God never does. He will guide our precious lives, bought with the blood of the cross, to be used for His glory.”

The young attendees were deeply moved, many shedding tears in response to Deacon Cho’s testimony. In small groups, they shared their reflections and questions about their lives, binding their hearts together. Special activities were themed “Faith Tour” and involved virtual world travels. They conducted group games like music relays, paper cup stacking, and action play, highlighting the unique features of major cities like Seoul, Paris, and Rome.

Participants play group games like paper cup stacking.

In the closing service, Kim HyungJoon Kim, youth director of the KUC, emphasized three places PCM members should return to: C(church), C(community), and C(campus). He challenged, “Shall we not dedicate our youth to God as part of ‘Faith Tour with PCM’? Shall we not live as admirable disciples of Christ in our local churches, communities, and campuses?” He urged members to actively participate in PCM’s mission, encouraging them to commit their vibrant youth to God’s service.