22th PMM Dedication Service

Hello, my name is WonGoo Choi, and I am a member of the 22nd class of PMM.

I first learned about PMM when I was a theology student. Since then, the dream of becoming an overseas missionary has been in the back of my mind. After finishing my studies and doing the work I was assigned, the dream gathered dust, but then something happened that reawakened my missionary dream.

Once, I had the opportunity to visit the Yanghwa-jin Foreign Missionary Cemetery in Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea, where many missionaries who came to a strange, poor, hungry, and sick Korean land due to war and risked their lives to share the gospel are buried.

On one of the tombstones, the words read:

“I have not come to Korea to look on; I have come to Korea to bury my bones. I am not a shepherd who will flee if ‘Iri’ comes to harm the Korean people, but a missionary who has come prepared to sacrifice for his sheep. I have treated no one negligently; I have given my best efforts whether I am treating a president or a local lady.”

The person who wrote this is none other than Dr. Ryu Jehan, the founder of Sahmyook Seoul Hospital. And I thought, I am who I am today because of the gospel seeds that someone planted. This reawakened the missionary dream in me.

In fact, I am a person with no merit to show, so I want to leave only God’s name and His fragrance, not my own, wherever I go. I trust you will join me in praying for the 22nd PMM missionaries who are about to take their first steps. Thank you.

November 4, 2023

PMM 22nd Missionary, WonGoo Choi

PMM 22nd Missionaries:

  • Pastor WonGoo Choi (Sahmyook Seoul Hospital Church, ECKC)
    • Sending country: Taiwan
    • Family: Wife, Gyeol Kim
    • Years of ministry: 9 years
  • Pastor Hyo Shin Lee (ADRA Cambodia)
    • Sending country: Sri Lanka
    • Family: Wife, Eunhwa Lee
    • Years of ministry: 19 years
  • Pastor JungWon Lee (Geumwang Church, MWKC)
    • Sending country: Nepal
    • Family: Wife: SeulKi Lee
    • Years of ministry: 8 years

What is the PMM Pioneer Missionary Movement?

The Pioneer Mission Movement is a global mission project of the Northern
Asia-Pacific Division (NSD) for the church planting in its territory. For this
mission movement, the pastors who are equipped with the mission spirit will
be sent to the foreign countries for five to six years for the souls who don’t
know Jesus Christ or haven’t heard about the Three Angels’ Messages.
Most of the NSD countries are in 10/40 window, whose Christian ratios
are very low compared to the other parts of the world. Only 3.2 percent
out of nearly seven-hundred million people are Christians, and the
other 97 percent of people are Muslims, Buddhists, Taoists, Shintoists,
and atheists. Therefore, NSD has a big challenge in mission. Facing this
missional challenge, however, PMM missionaries will go to “every nation,
tribe, language, and people” with the everlasting gospel in their hands. On
the great day of the Lord when all the gospel works are done and Jesus
comes to take His people to heaven, all PMM missionaries will welcome our
coming Jesus with the people whom they won.