2012 NSD Pathfinder Camporee Prayer Meeting

On June 28th, the Northern Asia-Pacific Division(NSD) Youth Department held a prayer meeting for a successful Pathfinder Camporee that is coming in August of this year at the Bae Chang Hyun memorial Hall, Sahmyook University.

During the opening worship, Dr. Hongpal Haspoke how Moses defeated Amalekites holding up his staff, Dr. Ha said “As church leaders, we need to hold up our staffs and offer intercessory prayers for our people”. He also said “Many young people will come to Sahmyook University to participate in the event. Holding a successful camporee is just like fighting the Amalekites because there will be many challenges to overcome. We should continue to pray for the people and the event”.

After the sermon, the Pathfinder camporee leaders and staff spent time together in earnest prayers. They prayed for the success of the camporee and asked God to grant good weather during the event.

When the morning session was over, the participants went to the cafeteria for lunch. During the afternoon session, there were many reports from each team of the event how they have been preparing for the camporee.
Beginning with the program team, there were reports from the Secretariat, Treasury, Booth Activities, Translation, Camp life, Volunteer services, Media, Night Program, Worship and Praise, and many others. There were also some discussions on how to improve the quality of the event.

This coming 2012 NSD Pathfinder Camporee is the first division size camporee that will be held inside the NSD territory. About 4,700 Pathfinders and youth have already registered to come.