2011 Bible Olympiad

During the Sabbath afternoon of December 3, 2011, Mongolia Mission Field, through the initiative of the Youth Department, sponsored a contest named ‘Bible Olympiad’ held at Ulaanbaatar Central Church with more than a hundred people in attendance. All the churches sent delegation, and a total of 76 members joined the bible quiz that focused on the books of Samuel, Kings and the Chronicles. Contestants were grouped in twos and were required to correctly answer each question presented by the moderator, else, they are eliminated. The eliminated teams were given a second chance during the ‘wildcard elimination stage’; a representation of the respective church pastors and church leaders were challenged to succeed in a given bible-related task. Those that made it to the final round were awarded with medals.

Truly, the activity elicited much fun and displayed good rapport and camaraderie among the church goers, but more than the fellowship, it was aimed to encourage everyone to find time to study the bible wholeheartedly because it is only through the Holy Scripture “that the man of God” is “thoroughly equipped for every good work (2 Timothy 3:17, NIV)”. We have to be steadfast in nurturing our souls for the end of time is near. If we are to overcome this world by the power of the Holy Spirit, we must follow the Bible!