10/40 Global Missions Congress Establishes Itself as Global Missions Festival

Despite its inaugural event, the 10/40 Global Missions Congress hosted by the Korean Union Conference established itself as a global missions festival transcending ethnic and linguistic boundaries.

For this first 10/40 Global Missions Congress, not only Korean church members but also brothers and sisters from various overseas locations attended to worship and experience God’s grace.

In addition to nearby areas like Seoul, Gyeonggi, and the regions surrounding Sahmyook University, church members were gathered from all corners of the nation, including Gangwon, Chungcheong, and Honam provinces. Some churches even made “group reservations” to attend the Sahmyook University Church. Notably, over 40 employees, led by President Jeon, KwangJin from Sahmyook Food Chunan and Boryeong Factory, participated, drawing everyone’s attention.

The event also captured the interest of the global church. Guests and missionaries worldwide, including the United States, Japan, Taiwan, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Cambodia, Türkiye, Uzbekistan, and the United Arab Emirates, solidifying its status as a “global missions festival.” The General Conference dispatched key figures such as GC Executive Secretary Erton Köhler, Director of Adventist Mission Gary Krause, Associate Executive Secretary Samuel Saw, and Global Mission Centers Director Klyeton Feitosa to support the Korean church’s world missions endeavors.

Leaders from the West-Central Africa Division, who were visiting Korea as part of an inter-divisional exchange initiative recommended by the General Conference, received a warm welcome. This group included Division President Robert Osei-Bonsu and over 40 representatives from 10 different unions within the WAD. They expressed profound inspiration after hearing the miraculous testimonies of global evangelism shared by Korean missionaries. Seemingly determined to document every significant moment, they attentively observed the diverse program while capturing important scenes on their phones, including the missionary testimonies and cultural performances by the Sulammi Singers. The West-Central Africa Division, comprising 23 countries such as Ghana, Cameroon, and Nigeria, has 940,000 Adventists proclaiming the gospel.

Members of the Pathfinder march with the flag that represents the 10/40 Window countries.

Initially, the on-site event is expected to draw around 500 attendees, including missionaries, mission organization members, global missions supporters, ambassadors, and local church members. However, the impressive turnout surpassed 600 people, exceeding the anticipated number. Consequently, the prepared meals and commemorative gifts fell short of meeting the demand from the larger-than-expected crowd. Even in the afternoon session, eating remained scarce as many attendees occupied the venue. Throughout the Dedication Service until the closing declaration, the congregation maintained an orderly presence, attentively focused on the reports and appeals, reflecting their profound interest and the grace deeply experienced. The strong attendance of youth groups and student fellowships from local churches were particularly encouraging, representing the future generation. These young attendees listened intently to the vivid frontline accounts of evangelism, nurturing their aspirations for future missionary service.

The offering collected during the worship service at Sahmyook University Church will be dedicated to the ’10/40 Window project.’ Separate envelopes labeled “World Missions Offering” were prepared for this purpose. After the worship session, they continued to contribute heartfelt gratitude through offerings as they attended seminars and mission reports.

All participants hold the theme banner and pose for a group photo.

Various praise and worship groups graced the stage, offering musical tributes of thanksgiving and glory to God. The Divine Quartet, composed of pastors from the East Central Korean Conference, harmonized songs like “A Voice for You” and “In that Great Gettin’ Up Morning.” The Glanz Ensemble beautifully performed pieces such as “Since Jesus Came Into My Heart,”” For Away in the Depths of My Spirit,” and “O Wondrous Savior.”

The Adventist Women’s Choir sang with powerful voices, presenting renditions of “No Night There,” “Jesus Is All The World To Me,” “More Than Conquerors,” and “In His Love.” The OB Golden Angels Singers bestowed inspiration through songs like “The Reason We Sing,” “Hope for all nation,” and “One Voice, One Mission.” The Sulammi Musical Company left a profound resonance with an encore performance of their original musical, “Acts.”