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Kwon JohngHaeng

Pastor Kwon JohngHaeng started his ministry in 1983 by planting a church in Gwachun, Korea. Since, he pastored churches in Korea and in the United States. While pastoring in Chicago, he was called by the Korean Union Conference to go to the Philippines to train young missionaries at the 1000 Missionary Movement.


He preached the Everlasting Gospel from 1992 to 2000 on the radio in Chicago, Guam, San Francisco, Richmond, Dallas, and Baltimore. He is proclaiming the gospel also through his website, Everlasting Gospel Worldwide (, since 1998, through his Facebook page and youtube (


For a short time he served as an evangelist for the West Central Korean Conference. In May, 2000, he was nominated to serve as the first director of the Foreign Mission department which was established that year by the Korean Union Conference and also as the director of Stewardship Ministries and Planned Giving & Trust Services. Since he joined the Northern Asia-Pacific Division in July 1st, 2003, he served in many areas, mainly in the area of missions, such as Ministerial Association, Adventist Mission Office, Stewardship Department, Pioneer Mission Movement, Mission to the Cities, Centers of Influence, Mission Day program, English Church Planting, Global Evangelism, and Mission Museum. After serving Adventist Mission for 17 years in the division, Korean Union Conference and the 1000 Missionary Movement, at the quinquennial annual council of NSD in November, 2015, he was appointed to serve as full time director of Stewardship Ministries without any other responsibilities.


His wife, Kim YoungSook, enjoys flower arranging and drawing flowers. She is serving as an office assistant for PMM in the Northern Asia-Pacific Division since 2004. Their eldest son, Myoung, is an ordained minister serving three congregations in Wisconsin Conference and younger son, Beett is pastoring two churches near Detroit, Michigan. His two beautiful daughters-in-law made him a happy grandfather of three precious granddaughters.


Whenever he is asked what his hobbies are, he answers without hesitation that they are holding prophecy seminars, telling mission stories, and distributing tracts.



Sung, Guimo

Guimo Sung has been working for our church since 1976. He was transferred to NSD as Associate Treasurer on February 2004. Before started his working for NSD, he has served for various church institutions in Korean Union, such as Union office, University, Language Institute, Publishing House, Hospital and Food Factory. He graduated from Sahmyook University major in Theology, and he completed a MBA at Kyung Hee University. He married to Hee Ja Kim, guest room coordinator for NSD and they have two daughters.

Ministry Description

Mission Statement
The mission of the Stewardship Ministries is to emphasize the lordship of Jesus Christ, to enhance the integration of the gospel into the Christian lifestyle, to encourage faithful stewardship, and to facilitate the individual, corporate, and leadership dimensions of stewardship as partnership with God.
Vision Statement
The vision of the Stewardship Ministries is to acknowledge and facilitate the individual, corporate, and leadership dimensions of faithfulness to God. As we succeed, the Stewardship Ministries of the future will result in the following characteristics:
  1. A growing and consistent vision of biblical stewardship.
  2. A growing staff of world church stewardship leaders.
  3. Materials that will help pastors lead their members in a more integrated Christian walk.
  4. Growing individual and corporate faithfulnes

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