A Beautiful Donation for PMM Mission Field

57 members of a group have launched their Bible Land trip under the leadership of Dr. Daegeuk Nam, former president of Sahmyook University, during June 12-26, 2012. The trip was characterized by two Bible lands (Israel and Jordan) and four Reformation historic sites (Italia, Swiss, Germany, and the Czech Republic).

The group had spent two Sabbaths in their travel. During a divine worship, Sabbath offering was collected. The presider on that day asked us if we have a place in mind to send this offering. I recommended Africa to be a candidate for supporting PMM work there. Right after my appeal to help Africa, some gave US dollars, some Euro dollars, some Korean won, and still some other currencies. Total amount has reached to one million Korean won.

The money was delivered to Pastor SiYoung, Kim, PMM coordinator. When I asked him to use the amount for PMM work in Africa, he solicited me to utilize the money for purchasing a church in Mongolia. On July 16, 2012, a singing group from Hangol church, Mongolia has arrived in NSD morning devotional time, having music performance with their traditional musical instrument. They had a big project to purchase a church there, simply because they had to be forced out of the church by the owner of the building where they had worship.

To make the church survived, they came to Korea for financial support, travelling many churches. Right after the performance at NSD, we had a brief ceremony to deliver the money collected during the Bible Land trip to Pastor SangBum, Park, the pastor of Hangol church. May our merciful Lord help them to own their church.